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Lanco Integrated North America (Headquarters)

12 Thomas Drive
Westbrook, ME 04092

Phone: +1 207 773-2060

Service Phone: +1 207 887 5002

Fax: +1 207 773-2021

2009 年,Lanco(北美洲)成为一家 100% 员工所有的公司。此举阐明了我们对质量和客户满意度的坚定承诺。与 Lanco(北美洲)合作时,您将直接与熟悉成功价值的所有者合作。


“The Lanco team was highly motivated and worked long hours to build the machine, deliver, install and qualify for production. The team has continued to support the project and we are working on further automation to reduce the headcount necessary to make rate.”

Steve, Director of Manufacturing Engineering - Leading Medical Device Manufacturer


U.S. Account Manager

Kevin Herbig

U.S. Midwest Regional Sales

Leo Langdon

Canada / Northwest U.S. Sales

Mike Timofejew

Caribbean Regional Sales

Paul Hebert

U.S. Southeast Regional Sales

Steve Smith

Global Accounts Manager

Timothy Neale

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