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Lanco Integrated - 墨西哥蒙特雷


Phone: +1 207 887 5002

在获悉本地支持的价值和重要性后,Lanco 于 2018 年在墨西哥蒙特雷成立了销售和服务中心。

“Our Management views Lanco as a valued partner, because of concepts, thinking outside the box, and their communication. I can’t thank Lanco enough for the lightbulbs they have allowed to go off in our team… It is amazing to watch the experience with Lanco generate ideas within my group. It has served as almost a mentor with the automation project.”

J. S. PE Manager - Electronics/ Automotive Component Manufacturer

U.S. Account Manager

Kevin Herbig

U.S. Midwest Regional Sales

Leo Langdon

Canada / Northwest U.S. Sales

Mike Timofejew

U.S. Southeast Regional Sales

Steve Smith

Global Accounts Manager

Timothy Neale

Regional Sales Manager of Mexico

Jorge Nava Headshot

Jorge Nava

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