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Barcoded Magnetic Beads


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Customer Profile: A leading laboratory technology company developing, manufacturing, and distributing products within Healthcare and Life sciences.

Barcoded Magnetic Beads

Barcoded Magnetic Beads

Automated Dilution of a Solution

Lanco partnered with the customer to design and build a repeatable and automated solution for a very critical process. This has traditionally been a manual process. A vial of the bioassay solution is the final product. This product consists of an accurate distribution and agitation of a solution that is determined by a programmed recipe containing barcoded magnetic beads (BMB’s).


Prior to partnering with Lanco, the customer was only able to produce 1 correct set (4) of 50ml. vials every 6 hours. The process was performed by a technician who manually dropped a small amount of solution at a time using a pi-petter, until the diluted sample tested accurate. Lanco would need to create a substance in a controlled setting.

  1. Load & Dispense: Load bulk solution of BMB’s into a conical and dispense known volume.
  2. Equipment Communication: Lanco would be tasked to develop a custom code that would allow communication between the PLC and liquid handling pipetting module.
  3. Test Solution: If the samples did not test accurately, the tray would need to re-enter the machine to be re-formulated.

Lanco Integrated Solution

By integrating “already qualified” lab equipment, Lanco was able to use a third-party controller that would allow the lab equipment to function in an automated environment. This functionality was accomplished by developing a custom application that connected the lab equipment to the PLC. This solution allowed for user continuity throughout their laboratories.

  1. Load and Dispense: Lanco’s solution provided accurate dispensing and agitation of BMB’s.
  2. Equipment Communication: The equipment is programmed with accurate recipes. The recipes are communicated to the machine to ensure a high-quality solution. The recipes can be modified as the customers’ needs change.
  3. Test Solution: If the samples did not test accurately, the tray would need to re-enter the machine to be re-formulated.


Barcoded Magnetic Beads

Lanco garnered their customer’s manual processes and implemented them into a successful automated solution. When the customer began production with their new Lanco system, they originally had the machine create a vial of a high concentration sample, test and confirm the actual concentration. The system would then dilute down to the desired concentration, sample and test a second time to determine if it was within the final output specification. They found that with the Lanco systems accuracy, they can cut right to their target solution, with no additional sample runs needed. This has cut time to market and increased their production output.


  • The accurate flow of data between lab equipment and the machine
  • Higher quality solution
  • Increased Production
  • Auto populated scannable label with precise mixture
  • Elimination of operator error
  • Ability to input new solution recipes as needed


The customer has a Lanco Integrated System that generates tenfold*, the amount of solution they could produce through operators. They were producing 1 accurate set (4) of 50ml. vials in a 6 Hour period. With Lanco Integrated’s engineering and programming capabilities, the customer is producing 1 accurate set (4) of 50ml. vials every hour.

*Varies based on off-line internal process steps .

System Statistics

  • Cycle Time: 1 set of 4 (50ml) Vials/hr.
  • Stations: 1 Manual & 1 Automatic
  • Variants: Multiple Recipes
  • Controls: Allen Bradley CompactLogix
Barcoded Magnetic Beads

“There are very few automation suppliers that I have confidence in to handle very large or complex automation projects.  Lanco has proven over time that it can handle the large and complex projects." 

Ken, Sr. Manufacturing Development Engineer - Technology Manufacturer
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