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Case Study for Water Irrigation Drippers


Lanco Integrated North America (Headquarters)




Manuell, halb- und vollautomatisch

An International water management systems part manufacturer.

Commercial Industrial - Consumer Products



Lanco developed a fully automated assembly system to produce large volume water irrigation dripper components.


All though the product was highly symmetrical on the outside geometry, it was not so on the inside. The feeding equipment needed to be very well balanced with the assembly machine without overshooting on the system size and to stay cost effective within the given small available floorspace.

Although the molded components are produced in mass quantities in molding tools with high cavity numbers, the final assembly needed to have a high precision and a very low number of rejected parts.

Partnered with the customer, we have found a way to increase the quality of the parts, allowing for higher production rate during component assembly.

Lanco Integrated Solution

Lanco Integrated choose a cam operated LeanCell rotary dial platform with 8 stations, assembling the product 3-up at a speed of 60 cycles/minute, i.e. output is 180 parts/minute.


  • All assemblies are 100% tested
  • Technical Availability is at 99%
  • Decreased Footprint to allow for more manufacturing space
Irrigation Dripper

“The Lanco team was highly motivated and worked long hours to build the machine, deliver, install and qualify for production. The team has continued to support the project and we are working on further automation to reduce the headcount necessary to make rate.”

Steve, Director of Manufacturing Engineering - Leading Medical Device Manufacturer
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