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Lanco Integrated - Schanghai

Room 815 East Tower
BHC Middle Circle Centre
2218 Hunan Road, Pudong

Phone: +86 021 68587216

Bei Lanco verstehen wir, wie wichtig und wertvoll Unterstützung vor Ort ist. Deswegen wurde im Jahr 2012 das Vertriebs- und Servicezentrum in Schanghai, China, gegründet.

“Our Management views Lanco as a valued partner, because of concepts, thinking outside the box, and their communication. I can’t thank Lanco enough for the lightbulbs they have allowed to go off in our team… It is amazing to watch the experience with Lanco generate ideas within my group. It has served as almost a mentor with the automation project.”

J. S. PE Manager - Electronics/ Automotive Component Manufacturer

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Commercial Manager, South East Asia

Tinseng Yow

Sales Manager - China

Morlan Chen

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