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Lanco Integrated offers expertise in assembly systems for the aerospace and defense industries. We solve complex challenges in automated assembly, testing, and inspection.


Credentialed National Security Capabilities

North American Headquarters

Aerospace and defense manufacturers face strict regulations and requirements. For over a quarter of a century, our work in precision assembly, robotic work cells, dispensing and vision inspection processes has supported the work of aerospace and defense manufacturers. Our North American office has a team of world-class automation engineers and designers with deep experience in aerospace and defense.

Highlighting our commitment to reliability, safety and quality are multiple prestigious affiliations, including:

  • International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) Registered
  • Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) Registered
  • Verified Vendor on System for Award Management (SAM)
  • DD 2345

Your Needs Define the Technology

Custom Assembly Automation for Aerospace and Defense Industry

Work with one of the world’s leading aerospace and defense automation companies. Our Total Service Solution establishes a successful partnership from our very first conversation through design, modeling and simulation, testing, and deployment. Our collaborative approach capitalizes on pairing your expertise with our decades of manufacturing experience and our proven project system to deliver the exact test or assembly system specific for your needs.


Recent contracts include industry-specific capabilities:

  • High Precision Assembly
  • Robotic Work Cells
  • Adhesive Dispensing
  • Vision Inspection
  • Thermal Curing
  • Microwave Arrays
  • Communications
  • Testing
  • Ammunition Assembly
  • Part Feeding

See Additional Capabilities

We thrive on cutting-edge technology to help you achieve your highest output goals. Our aerospace assembly systems effectively produce components like:

  • Munitions
  • Electronics
  • Fuel Systems
  • Wheels and Brakes
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Actuators
  • Foil Bearings
  • Adhesive Aerospace Fasteners
  • Magazine Loading Systems
  • Control Panels for Seats on Aircrafts


Consumer Products Brochure

Lanco is acutely aware of the importance of time-to-market in the Consumer Products sector and the need to produce cosmetically perfect parts.

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Corporate Video

Lanco Integrated specializes in creating modular powered and free and cam driven assembly systems designed for future expansion and changes based on customer needs.

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Corporate Video (Chinese Subtitles)

Lanco Integrated specializes in creating modular powered and free and cam driven assembly systems designed for future expansion and changes based on customer needs.

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Covid 19 - How an Automator partnered with customers to tackle Covid

Lanco Integrated 2020 Partnering with customers to tackle Covid on multiple fronts. From diagnostic test kits, sanitizer dispensers and Trigger pumps for disinfectants, Lanco's assembly systems have produced millions of components critical to the fight against Covid.

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Defense Aerospace - Magazine Loader

Semi-Automatic System built on the Lanco Integrated HFL 2002-S Pallet Transfer System. Loads 17 Rd Cartridges at a rate of 139 Per Hour, with 6 variants.

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Defense and Aerospace - Lock Nut Tester

Test System built on a Rotary Dial Platform

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Lanco Integrated Part Feeding Systems Application

Complete your application today, and Lanco Integrated will partner with you on the design and integration of your future part feeding system!

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Medical Device Assembly & Validation Services Brochure

Delivering precision solutions for technical medical device and diagnostic requirements, Lanco stands with its customers.

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MEMS Application - Robotic Cell

The robotic cell is assembling a part that is on the micron scale and about the size of 2 grains of rice.

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Pallet Transfer System MPS 120

Lanco Integrated's Mini Pallet Transfer System is a modular transfer platform for material handling, assembly manufacturing and test systems.

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Lanco Integrated Pallet Transfer System

The versatility of the Lanco’s Transfer system makes it easy to adapt as production demands change and grow.

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Pallet Transfer System HFL 2002-S

The HFL 2002-S Pallet Transfer System is a modular, non-synchronous transfer platform for material handling, assembly and test systems. It is suitable for creating lean manufacturing cells and building semi or fully automatic systems.

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Global Assembly Systems for Aerospace and Defense Industry

Benefits of Choosing Lanco Integrated

Flexible Solutions and Systems

When your scope and requirements change, your Lanco Integrated system can keep pace. Transform your system and maintain OEE through its entire lifetime. The true power is in its flexibility.

Long-Term Partnership

The design and build of complex automated assembly systems is what we’re known for. The building of relationships is what we stand for. Our Total Service Solution sets the tone for aligned goals and exceeding your expectations. With our global resources and expertise, you have access to solutions to your project’s most difficult challenges.

A Legacy of Expertise

Engage with an industry-leading automation company. Count on decades of manufacturing automation expertise in classified and secured projects to strengthen your project or bolster your proposal.




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