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Assemble your products with a high-output, efficient manufacturing process that meets your challenges today and prepares you for tomorrow.

Your Needs Define the Technology

Custom Assembly Automation for Consumer Products Industry

Your assembly system from Lanco Integrated is more than advanced technology and engineering. It’s the byproduct of a powerful and lasting partnership with a multi-industry, global automation assembly company that can revolutionize your production. Through our Total Service Solution, we work alongside your product design and manufacturing experts from day one to design and build a next-generation consumer products assembly integrator capable of strengthening your marketplace competitiveness.

Collaborate directly with our experienced automation engineers to get critical insight regarding the best way to automate your product assembly. Our automated systems are currently assembling more than 1 million parts per minute around the world. Our capabilities as a consumer products assembly integrator include:

  • Ink Filling
  • Ultrasonic Welding
  • Labeling
  • Laser Marking
  • Boxing
  • Closure Assembly

Explore more of the industry-specific capabilities we offer here.

Maximize Your Efficiency

High Output Capabilities

Give us your most difficult challenges. Bring your most optimistic line performance. We never shy away from a challenge. The breadth of our worldwide experience and capabilities enables our team to design an automated assembly system that meets your highest targets.

We have the platforms and technologies to design and build the exact system for your needs. Our Power and Free platforms have an output up to 150 parts per minute. Achieve your output targets every cycle without ever sacrificing quality. Revolutionize your assembly of products like:

  • Blush Compacts
  • Eyeshadow Compacts
  • Tube Closures for Hair Dye
  • Baby Wipes
  • Cell/Mobile Phones
  • Safety Glass/Eye Protectors
  • Hand Sanitizer Pumps
  • Soap Dispensers
  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • Trigger Pumps
  • Door Locks
  • Hand Tools
  • Protective Eye Wear
  • Glue Sticks
  • PPE
  • Hearing Protection
  • Ink Jet Print Cartridges
  • Lotion Dispensers
  • Plastic Dolls and Figures

See Additional Capabilities


Consumer Products - Interlocking Door System

Fully Automatic Lanco Integrated Linear Cam driven assembly line, 25 Parts Per Min.

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Consumer Products Brochure

Lanco is acutely aware of the importance of time-to-market in the Consumer Products sector and the need to produce cosmetically perfect parts.

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Consumer Products- Cosmetics

Fully Automated assembly system built on the Lanco Integrated HFL 2002-S Pallet Transfer System for a customer in the cosmetics industry.

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Corporate Video

Lanco Integrated specializes in creating modular powered and free and cam driven assembly systems designed for future expansion and changes based on customer needs.

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Corporate Video (Chinese Subtitles)

Lanco Integrated specializes in creating modular powered and free and cam driven assembly systems designed for future expansion and changes based on customer needs.

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Covid 19 - How an Automator partnered with customers to tackle Covid

Lanco Integrated 2020 Partnering with customers to tackle Covid on multiple fronts. From diagnostic test kits, sanitizer dispensers and Trigger pumps for disinfectants, Lanco's assembly systems have produced millions of components critical to the fight against Covid.

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Lanco Integrated Part Feeding Systems Application

Complete your application today, and Lanco Integrated will partner with you on the design and integration of your future part feeding system!

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Medical Device Assembly & Validation Services Brochure

Delivering precision solutions for technical medical device and diagnostic requirements, Lanco stands with its customers.

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Pallet Transfer System MPS 120

Lanco Integrated's Mini Pallet Transfer System is a modular transfer platform for material handling, assembly manufacturing and test systems.

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Lanco Integrated Pallet Transfer System

The versatility of the Lanco’s Transfer system makes it easy to adapt as production demands change and grow.

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Pallet Transfer System HFL 2002-S

The HFL 2002-S Pallet Transfer System is a modular, non-synchronous transfer platform for material handling, assembly and test systems. It is suitable for creating lean manufacturing cells and building semi or fully automatic systems.

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消费产品 (Consumer Products Brochure)


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Global Assembly Automation for Consumer Products Industry

Benefits of Choosing Lanco Integrated

Adaptable and Flexible Systems

We understand that as consumer demands change, so will your products. Our automation systems offer unmatched flexibility to expand or change as needed all while guided by our expertise. We design every step in your process and every aspect of your modular system to create flexibility for changing manufacturing demands.

Global Support

Downtime is a revenue killer. Our global presence ensures you receive the service and support you need when and where you need it. Our global resources and abilities span multiple continents with leading certifications including ISO-900.

Optimized Output Rates

Automate your assembly processes with us to lower cost per unit and scale distribution. Our systems power and improve your manufacturing process. No matter what part of your line you want to optimize, we have the solution you need to produce high-quality products at faster rates.




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